Review: Francis Ford Coppola 2008 Diamond Collection Alicante Bouschet Magenta Label

How to Spot a Wino: The UPS Man is delivery her a giant box from Invino!

I just got my most recent order from Invino – 5 bottles of Francis Ford Coppola’s Diamond Collection Alicante Bouschet Magenta Label 2008. I’ve never had a bottle of Coppola wine that I didn’t like so when I saw this on Invino for $11.99 a bottle – I figured I had to give it a try!

I’m convinced, I can’t go wrong with Coppola. As soon as the box arrived, I had to open it up and have a taste. Reviews online of this wine say things like “Was very pleasantly surprised. Very fruit-forward, big floral nose, and soft tannins. Probably not your first choice for a grilled steak, but paired with appetizers and cheeses it is great. Falls into my “crowd pleaser” category nicely.” I would agree. It’s light but not overly so – its medium bodied. Not too sweet but not spicy either – a very easy drinking wine. Perfect for sipping on a hot summer day slightly chilled, or something someone just venturing into reds might like. Great with a plate of cheese, as I found out this afternoon after work!

Invino no longer has this particular bottle on sale but they do have other Coppola wines currently available. But if you really want to try the Alicante Bouschet Magenta Label, try Amazon, as this is not a wine you’ll find in your local wine mega-store. Who knew Amazon carried wine?!

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